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Jennifer Brown
Baton Rouge, LA
Scam Alert (6/10/2014)

Over the past few days someone posing as a potential client is using to lure chefs into responding and then spamming their mail system. At times this can be used to compromise your personal mail. The emails usually are seeking multiple weeks of service and are coming out of the Middle East or Africa (though we have had reports in the past from Europe as well). We are working with authorities to identify the individual(s) but please use common sense with your leads. If it seems unusual it probably is.

Personal Chef Conference in Long Beach, CA from July 17-20, 2014

This is the biggest gathering of Personal Chefs anywhere and the perfect time to connect, network, learn, and refresh before returning home motivated to take your business to new heights. The 2014 conference will build on the success of prior years with speakers who will engage your senses, enhance your skills, and more importantly, improve your Personal Chef business!

Go to for more details.

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