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Guide to Hiring a Personal Chef

One of the most daunting daily milestones busy singles, couples, families and on-the-go people face is figuring out what's for dinner. We recognize that deciding where and what to eat, while trying to be health conscious, is an issue for everyone struggling to maintain busy schedules.

By educating yourself about personal chef services, you will understand your options and can make informed decisions, knowing that you have done your research and found the best possible arrangement for your needs and lifestyle.

Hiring a Personal Chef is a developed personal relationship much like a trusted family physician. You develop that relationship with a professional Personal Chef by interviewing the Personal Chef and establishing a compatibility.

Questions to Ask a Personal Chef

The relationship between you and your Personal Chef is most often of a personal nature. You will want to talk with the Personal Chef as well as meet with him/her as you would with any other professional service. Some areas you might want to ask about are:

A Personal Chef's Background
Experience in cooking is key to a successful Personal Chef service. Ask how your Personal Chef has acquired their cooking experience and how their service differs from others. You'll find that Personal Chefs will have a wide variety of backgrounds. Some began their love for cooking by providing for their families while others polished their skills in the restaurant industry.

For many, transitioning to a second career as a Personal Chef is a natural process as it incorporates their passion for food, creativity and cultural background. Knowing more about them can help you decide if they are the professional you are looking to hire.

Liability Insurance
Just like other professionals who come and work in your home, you want to be sure that in the unfortunate and rare event that your Personal Chef's actions cause injury to you, your family or your property, that your Personal Chef has the appropriate insurance to make it right.
National Association Affiliation
Knowing your Personal Chef is affiliated with an organization such as the United States Personal Chef Organization can reduce concerns of whether the Personal Chef is proficient. Being affiliated with a professional organization communicates that the Personal Chef is interested in:
  • Conducting business in a professional manner
  • Continuing their education and increasing their knowledge base
  • Access to the ideas, research, insights, and expertise of the field's most esteemed Personal Chefs

Membership demonstrates that the personal chef understands the importance of continuing education through professional affiliation.

Client References
Personal Chefs should be able to provide references, testimonials and endorsements from contented clients.
Sample Menus
Asking to review sample menus can provide insight to the Personal Chef's style of cooking. A sample menu is not always an indication that the Personal Chef will prepare only those types of foods.
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